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Xiaomi versus iPhone

Xiaomi versus iPhone

Xiaomi versus iPhone

There has been a years-old war going on between Android phones such as Xiaomiphones or Samsung and iOS phones to decide which one is better than the other. Samsung was and is still one of the leading brand on Android side but then joined a new brand that has been a game changer, Xiaomi. whether it is battery life, performance or camera, it has rivaled the Apple phones significantly. Which one is better? Well, that is complicated so let us uncomplicate it.

Xiaomi vs Apple

xiaomi phones vs apple phones

Battery Life

Xiaomi offers us many phones with long lasting batteries from mid-rangers to high-ends. Compared to Apple devices, we do not always see that this is the case. It has certain devices with good battery lives, some on the high-end on the spectrum but it is still not many in the quantity and certainly not the greatest rivals for Xiaomi.


Apple had an advantage over Xiaomi with its AMOLED displays that preserve batteries on black backgrounds and offered much more eye satisfying lively colors. However, Xiaomi at certain point started making smartphones that come with AMOLED as well and closed this gap once and for all and has done so all the while keeping the prices still affordable.


Without any doubts, the clear winner here is Xiaomi. As we all know, Apple devices are way overpriced, basing the price on the premium feel and its reputation. If you were to decide on a phone based on price, Apple is not a great choice. You can get the similar or better performance at lower prices from Xiaomi phones as well.

Operating System

In terms of system performance, Apple with its iOS operating system has a clear advantage, as it has always held the leadership on smoothness basically being much more optimized than Android. However, Android devices with the latest updates has become more and more smooth, getting very close to iOS. One major downside of iOS compared to Android is that it is not very flexible. Customization options are relatively less, jailbreaking is harder, app support is again relatively less and overall has a pretty limited usage.


We do not believe a statement claiming one is better than the other on camera performance would be fair because there are great devices at both end that can best the the other. A fair statement would be if you are aiming for camera performance, you have great options on both Xiaomi phones and Apple phones. One plus thing with Xiaomi phones is since they run on Android, there is support for Google Camera as known as GCam app that significantly improves camera quality and presents you a lot of options to adjust your shooting settings.

CPU and GPU Performance

Currently, Apple’s latest processor A13 Bionic is, as strong as it may be, weaker compared to Snapdragon 888, which puts Apple at a disadvantage at the moment in terms of CPU and GPU performance. However, this is not to say that Apple is and will always be less than Xiaomi or any other Android device out there. Power dynamics shift all the time, Apple may launch a better CPU in the market that could outshine the others and Xiaomi or any other brand can do the vice versa. This is basically a competition and there is no clear winner until one gives up, so you can go ahead and choose either brand for CPU and GPU performance.


IOS comes with a lot of features packed inside such as text messaging over internet through Apple ID or Memojis however Xiaomi is not falling behind either. It is a known fact at this moment that Xiaomi has copied Apple time and time again and while this copying is viewed negatively among certain people, the positive outcome of it is that we get a great deal of features without needing to buy an unnecessarily overpriced brand. Xiaomi in this way offers us much more than what Apple does with a great battery life, price range, performance and camera quality.